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Don't get your sheets in a wad!™

Wad-Free is the FIRST-EVER Wad Preventer™ for the washer & dryer

No more tangled, twisted, balled-up laundry!™

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"Genius Sheet Detanglers" – as tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab

Wads are no longer a Fact of Laundry!™

What Kind of Wads Do You Have?

Wad-Free solves the Tornado Wad of twisted sheets intertwined and twisted coming out of a washing machine. Text on screen says Tornado wad with arrows pointing saying washer off-balance and not clean

In Tornado Wads, bedding twists into tangled ropes that don't come out very clean, and can send washers off-balance. Tornado wads also form in dryers, creating a wrinkled, tangled mess. 

Wad-Free solves the problem of Hostage-Taker Wads when wet items get trapped inside the fitted sheet with elastic. A hand is shown taking grey pillowcases out of a white fitted sheet. The text on screen says Hostage taker wad with an arrow pointing to the sheet saying not dry

Hostage-Taker Wads form when items such as pillowcases and t-shirts get trapped in sheets, creating wet spots that require another go through the dryer. 

Wad-Free drastically reduces soggy items getting trapped in bedding.

Wad-Free solves the Burrito Wad or ballsack of sheets where one sheet is wrapped around other items in the dryer and the items trapped inside are not dry. A white sheet with navy and grey stripes is shown in an open white dryer The text on screen says Burrito Wad with an arrow pointing to the sheet saying everything inside is not dry

In the Burrito Wad, sheets engulf each other and anything else in the dryer, wrapping up into a great big mass. This balled-up mess isn't drying folks.

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"Cutting down your dry time is a snap." – as reviewed by Southern Living Magazine

We just changed the laws of laundry

The wad has finally met its match! With Wad-Free® you can run mixed loads and fill your machines to capacity...the washer won’t go off-balance, wet clothes seldom get trapped inside the sheets, and your bedding won’t wind up into a knot!  

Your laundry will come out cleaner, be less wrinkled, and sheets dry up to 75% faster...without having to untangle your linens! 

Now that you can wash bigger, combined loads, you can run fewer loads...saving even more time, energy, water, detergent, and wear-and-tear on your sheets and appliances!  

Don't have a clothes dryer? Wad-Free lets everyone easily air-dry their bedding, even if you don’t have a clothesline, or it’s raining, cold, or polluted where you live!

That calls for a #WadFreeHappyDance

Wad-Free® is 100% Made, assembled, sourced, and printed in the usa

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Wad-Free has donated thousands of dollars to The American Brain Tumor Association for brain cancer research

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Friends don't let friends wad up.™ buy one for a friend!

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Wad-Free is Mom-Invented, Woman-Owned, Patent and Trademark protected

Buy the "Shark Tank" product changing laundry lives direct from the Inventor now!

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