How it Works

Slide the round tab forward to release the strap

Place corner of sheet over the tab, then push up through the hole in the base

Slide the fabric-covered tab down into the channel

Give the sheet a tug to make sure it is secured. Repeat for all four corners.

With a Wad-Free™ on each sheet in the load, wash and dry as usual.

Now do a #WadFreeHappyDance because your laundry is wad-free!

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How it Works

Wad-Free™ is simple and easy to use!

Wad-Free™ attaches quickly and easily to the four corners of your sheets before you put them in the washing machine, where your load will come out cleaner and the washer won't go off-balance. Then you transfer everything to the dryer where everthing dries fast and fluffy. After the load is finished, you remove the Wad-Free™ and store it for next time. Illustrated instructions are included in the package. Watch our videos below.



Tips and Tricks

When you load your appliances, be sure to do so according to the manufacturer's specifications, and also so that things are separate to begin with.

Tip #1 Try attaching the Wad-Free™ as you strip the bed; it is just easier to find the corners that way.

Tip #2 You don't have to attach the Wad-Free™ exactly at the corners. If your sheet has a seam or trim, just attach it a few inches away.

Tip #3 You'll find the drying time decreases significantly. Some dryers have programmed settings that anticipate a much longer drying time, but if you check early, the load might already be dry.

Tip #4 In some washers the straps may open up in a high spin cycle; if this happens, simply lower the spin speed the next time.

Tip #5 The tab will leave a small dimple on the sheet. Most of these won't be visible, but if this bothers you, simply remove the Wad-Free™ a few minutes before the sheets are dry or iron them out.

Tip #6 If desired, the Wad-Free™ can be left attached to one bottom corner, tucking it in as you make the bed. Leaving it attached to a corner means you won't have to go looking for it on your next laundry day.

Bonus Feature The Wad-Free™ makes it faster and easier to fold your sheets (or put them back on the bed) because all the corners are right there for you!