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Our Story

The entrepreneur holding white bed sheets

Hi! I'm Cyndi, inventor of the Wad-Free®. People often ask me how I came up with the Wad-Free®. Well, I had a wadding problem and a solution didn't exist, so I invented it!

After purchasing a new high-capacity, high-efficiency, Energy-Star washer and dryer set, I came to the sad realization that laundering bed sheets was ironically an all-day affair. As practically every other laundry-doer experiences, my sheets always wadded up, resulting in copious amounts of wasted time and energy. This was not the time and energy savings I was expecting! My friends reassured me that I wasn't alone, expressing all sorts of ways their wads wrecked laundry day. 

Since a solution to the wadding problem didn’t exist, I tasked myself to devise one. In April of 2019, I identified the physics behind the wad. I taught myself CAD (computer-aided design) to be able to engineer the product myself. Lots of research, several prototypes, a custom plastics formulation, a pending utility patent, and several entrepreneur books later, the Wad-Free® was born, launching during the pandemic in June of 2020.

The rest is laundry history!

I hope you enjoy the Wad-Free®. I would love to see your #WadFreeHappyDance™!