Counterfeit Alert

Wad-Free® is the first product—ever, anywhere—that solves the problem of tangled, twisted, balled-up sheets in both the washing machine and the dryer. This results in cleaner sheets that dry faster and save you time, money, and energy. Thank you for making Wad-Free so popular!


Wad-Free products are made in the USA from custom-compounded, US-sourced materials that are safe for fabric, appliances, humans, and the environment. They are hand-assembled in US factories and meet or exceed US Fair Labor Standards. Even our packaging and instruction manuals are printed in the USA.


Because of Wad-Free’s success, bad actors are selling counterfeit versions that are potentially harmful, as they fall short of Wad-Free’s quality standards. Those same bad actors create listings on marketplaces, including Walmart and Amazon, where they claim to be Wad-Free.  But if you look closely at the sellers of the listings, you will find that they are not Wad-Free by Brayniacs LLC at all!  


We actively monitor and fight against counterfeit production, distribution, and sale of our products and will continue to protect consumers everywhere from unscrupulous offenders who don’t think twice about defrauding well-intended consumers by selling substandard products and, in some cases, collecting and exploiting users’ personal information.


So, to enjoy high-quality, safe, effective, and American-made Wad-Free products that we will stand behind, purchase only from Wad-Free’s official website or our official listings. On Walmart and Amazon, our official listings are only the ones that identify Wad-Free (by Brayniacs LLC) in Denver, Colorado, USA as the SELLER.  Third-party sellers are NOT authorized partners.


There is only one genuine maker of Wad-Free products. Purchasing directly from will ensure you receive the real deal.