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Patent Marking Notification

This page includes patents linked to the corresponding Brayniacs LLC products. Brayniacs LLC does not mark all of its patents.

All listed patents are US, United States utility patents, or USD, United States design patents. 

Wad-Free® is protected under US Patent #11,078,621 


Registered Trademark of Brayniacs LLC  #6,232,259

Sheet Detangler™, Wad Preventer™, Bed Sheet Detangler™, Wad Detangler™ No more twisted, tangled, balled-up laundry™, No more tangled, twisted, balled-up laundry™No more twisted, tangled balled-up sheets™, No more tangled, twisted, balled-up sheets™No more twisted, tangled balled-up linens™, No more tangled, twisted, balled-up linens™, No more wadded sheets™, No more wadded laundry™, No more wadded linens™, Don't get your sheets in a wad™, Friends don't let friends wad up™, wadfreehappydance™, Saves Time Saves Money Saves Energy Saves Sanity™, Wads are no longer a Fact of Laundry™, Fact of Laundry™, Tornado Wad™, Hostage-taker Wad™, Burrito Wad™, Twister Wad™, Sheet Wad™, Bed Sheet Wad™, Linens Wad™, Blanket Wad™, Duvet Wad™, Quilt Wad™, Duvet Cover Wad™, all owned by Brayniacs LLC

All logos, graphics, photographs, product images, packaging, inserts, and videos are Copyright 2021 Brayniacs LLC All Rights Reserved


Updated February 1, 2022