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Shark Tank Mother's Day and Father's Day Gift Guide

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Cheers to all the moms and dads! Every parent will love these "SHARK TANK" gifts! 🦈

Special pricing and offers valid through July 18, 2023 unless otherwise indicated.

(NO affiliate links provided, these are all just giftable Shark Tank buds, including some from the current Shark Tank season!)

Wad-Free for Bed Sheets and Wad-Free for Blankets & Duvet Covers blue and pink packages held by woman in blue dress next to an open clothes dryer showing the white products

Wad-Free® - Season 13, Episode 5

Moms and Dads get their special day off laundry, but every other day they will love Wad-Free! Now with versions for Bed Sheets and for Blankets & Duvet Covers, Wad-Free is the laundry game-changer that saves time, money, and energy...while solving everyone's laundry pet peeve! Also available as a combo-pack to get all your bedding out of a wad!™ Made in USA $19.99 - $44.99 with FREE USA Shipping • Save when you buy multiples

Blue and green Glove Stix shown in gloves and shoes

GloveStix and StankStix - Season 9, Episode 9

Mom and Dad can say goodbye to embarrassing odors... for good! Our Stix are non toxic and chemical free and will inhibit odor causing bacteria growth, absorb moisture and deodorize even the stinkiest gear. Just out the Stix in and get the STINK OUT! $29.99

Save up to 20% on bundle packs and get free shipping

Mighty Carver held by man carving a turkey with a woman by his side

Mighty Carver - Season 12, Episode 4

The Mighty Carver Electric Knife is a carving knife with the design and power of a chainsaw. A unique way to bring life and lasting memories to your Holiday Get-togethers. $74.99

Free Shipping w/code DADFREESHIP


See Rescue Streamer shown in mountain scenery

See Rescue Streamer - Season 8, Episode 22

Military-approved and adopted emergency signaling device now used on SpaceX to protect the astronauts. Consumer version comes in holster for personal use on water or land. $95 to $145

Metal Chicken and Turkey Turbo Trusser products shown in packaging

Turbo Trusser Chicken or Turkey - Season 14, Episode 2

Eliminate difficult butchers’ twine - simply use this food grade stainless steel and dishwasher safe poultry trusser while cooking. Get a perfect bird every time! Cooks more evenly to create juicier meat while preventing stuffing from drying out $19.99

Save 20% - Code MDFD23

6 bottles of different Burlap and Barrell spices shown in a gift box

Fundamentals Collection - Season 14, Episode 19

Show your love with single origin spices from Burlap & Barrel, a social enterprise that works directly with smallholder farmers around the world the source incredible spices. The Fundamentals Collection is a beautiful set of 6 spices that are fundamental to any cook, a real upgrade for both the cooks and eaters in the family. Use every day to upgrade your dishes. Packed in a beautiful box and ships for free within the US. $52.99



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