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Washing Bedding Well – and Often – Helps Combat Allergy Season for Allergy Sufferers

Posted by Cynthia Bray on

Allergy season is projected to be worse in many parts of the country this year, but a couple laundry gadgets can help!

Most people don’t shower before bed, which means their bedding gets covered in pollen, dust, and other allergy-triggering particles from their skin and hair.

One way to combat allergies is to wash your bedding often…and in a way that the bed sheets, blankets, and duvet covers are actually coming out clean.

Many allergy experts recommend washing bedding multiple times a week to help reduce exposure to allergens. But even if the bedding does get washed often, when it twists, tangles, or balls up in the washing machine, it isn’t getting a thorough clean.

Two simple laundry gadgets solve this problem: Wad-Free® for Bed Sheets and Wad-Free® for Blankets & Duvet Covers prevent bedding from coiling into a knotted mess in the washing machine, so the bedding can get fully clean and then rinse out properly.

Both Wad-Free products also work in the dryer, keeping everything separate, so bedding dries up to 75% faster.

Laundering bedding used to be an arduous chore, but Wad-Free helps save time, money, and energy…and results in cleaner bedding that dries faster!

Reusable, Made in USA, and available with FREE USA Shipping at wadfree.com 

Wad-Free for Bed Sheets is $19.99 at wadfree.com

Wad-Free for Blankets & Duvet Covers is $29.99 exclusively at wadfree.com.

Combo Packs of both Wad-Free products are available exclusively at wadfree.com for $44.99

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