Wad-Free Inventor Cyndi Bray Makes Laundry History!

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Wad-Free Inventor Cyndi Bray stands in a blue dress next to a washer and dryer holding a blue package of Wad-Free for Bed Sheets and an orchid package of Wad-Free for Blankets & Duvet Covers with both products showing in the open dryer

In honor of Women's History Month, we’re proud to say that Wad-Free® inventor Cyndi Bray made Laundry History with the FIRST-EVER Wad Preventer™ for the washing machine and the dryer! 💥

Wad-Free is the first product ever – anywhere – that solves the wasteful and annoying wad that forms when you wash and dry your bedding!

Now she’s done it again with not one, but two laundry game-changing laundry products! Wad-Free® for Blankets & Duvet Covers joins the original Wad-Free® for Bed Sheets to get all your bedding out of a wad!™  🧺

Wad-Free prevents sheets, blankets, and duvet covers from tangling, twisting, and balling-up in both the washing machine and the dryer, so they come out cleaner, the washer stays balanced, and bedding dries up to 75% faster...with fewer wrinkles…saving you time, money, and energy on laundry day! 💥

Wad-Free is reusable and made in the U.S.A. 

All Wad-Free products are available at wadfree.com

Wad-Free for Blankets & Duvet Covers is exclusively at wadfree.com.

Combo Packs containing both Wad-Free for Bed Sheets and Wad-Free for Blankets & Duvet Covers with bundled savings are also available exclusively at wadfree.com 

As seen on SHARK TANK 🦈 Made in USA  🇺🇸

Wad-Free® is Patented


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