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When I shop, I look for quality products that solve real problems, are responsibly made, enhance my life, and/or make me feel good. Double bonus points if they are made in the USA. With that in mind, I’m sharing a list of some of my favorite small US companies. Feel free to share the list with your friends and family!

Note: there are no affiliate links and these are not paid listings; these are all just companies and products I personally know and love and hope you will, too. Photos are my own or used with permission.

Perfect gifts for anyone who sleeps on bed sheets:

(which is pretty much everyone)
Wad-Free for Bed Sheets package and two white products held by a woman in blue shirt


Be the hero this season with the gift no one knew they were missing, but turns out everyone needs. Wad-Free® for Bed Sheets solves the age-old problem of tangled, twisted, balled-up sheets with a simple, reusable, time and money saving laundry gadget. Perfect for laundry doers! Made in USA.

Belfax Natural Linen
As we enter a cooler season, now is the time to get cozy with Beflax Linen. This Colorado company sustainably makes luxury linen sheets, duvet covers, robes, and more. Don’t let the softness of the fabric fool you, these sheets are durable and last for years (especially when washed with Wad-Free™ for Bed Sheets!)

Sheets and Giggles purple sheets and eye mask
Another unique bedding company is Denver-based Sheets & Giggles. Made of eucalyptus, these sheets are sustainable and come in fun colors. They also have cozy throw blankets worth curling up in.


To keep your new sheets nice, check out our blog on How to keep your bed sheets from ripping, pilling, and falling apart.

Perfect kitchen and household gifts:


Sassafras Superstone® Covered Baker held by woman in red shirt

Whether you are new to bread baking or a seasoned pro, you’re going to love the restaurant-quality loaves coming out of your oven with Superstone® bread bakers. Available in round or oblong for your preferred bread shape, they can also be used for cooking vegetables or roasting potatoes with fluffy interiors and crispy skins.

Red Negg Hard Boiled Egg Peeler

We love gadgets that make life easier. Place your cooled egg with a little water inside the Negg® Hard Boiled Egg Peeler, shake it about, and the shell slides off easily without taking big chunks of the whites with it. Negg®. Seriously. Made in the USA and just $14.95.

Rakot75 Cloth Towels with hand wiping a black countertop

Have you noticed lately how bare the paper towel aisle has been? Now is the perfect time to switch to the reusable, sustainable cloth paper towel, Rakot75. Don’t worry, you can still use your favorite paper towel holder, you just won’t have to change the roll very often because these tear-resistant, lint-free cloths are machine washable and reusable. 

Poke-a-dot Organizer shown in clear filled with tiny objects

Here’s a clutter solution for every drawer in the house. Developed as a customizable and portable makeup organizer, Poke-a-Dot Organizer can tackle everything from your junk drawer to your sewing room to your kids’ school supplies. Available in black and clear for every storage need. Made in USA.

SinkBlink20 on running faucet with hands being washed under running water

We all know we are supposed to wash our hands for 20 seconds, but are we really doing so? The new faucet attachment SinkBlink20 encourages proper hand hygiene by blinking for the duration of 20 seconds so you know when you are ready to join the clean hands club. Invented by a father-daughter team, this ingenious design is powered by the water of the faucet.

Drip Drone Leak Detection for sinks and toilets blue package

Give peace-of-mind with the leak detection gadget Drip Drone™. This easy to install device is designed to alert you at the first drop of a sink or toilet leak so you can prevent costly water damage. Comes with a 5-7 year battery life so you can set it and forget it.

Alight Custom hanging cutout lights

For something custom and unique, check out Alight Custom. This Colorado company can create personalized items ranging from cutting boards and ornaments to tumblers and wall signs. Made in USA.

Modern Fuel Aerospace Precision mechanical pencil held by hand writing on paper

Affordable, quality writing utensils are hard to come by, but Modern Fuel has created minimalist-styled mechanical pencils and pens crafted out of a single piece of metal designed to last a lifetime. Available in stainless, titanium, copper, and bronze, these substantial pieces feel good in the hand and write smoothly. We love that the pencil offers 0.5, 0.7, and 0.9 mm mechanisms. Made in USA.

Perfect gifts for pampering:

glow + gather body products displayed on white background with pinecones

For natural, small batch personal care items, home goods, and spice blends check out glow + gather. Their body butters, lip balms, and bath scrubs make excellent stocking stuffers.glow + gather also has delicious and authentic Indian spice mixes. yum. Made in USA.

Herbesque product display on white background

Another small-batch pampering option can be found at Herbesque. From cosmetics to skin care, they make all products by hand using only natural or organic ingredients. Don’t forget to pick up something for yourself! Made in USA.

Perfect gifts for active folks:

Adventurist Backpacks on woman's back as she looks over a mountain cliff

Everyone could use a stylish backpack suitable for a back country adventure or running around town. Adventurist Backpack Co. is a Colorado wife/husband company making durable, weather-resistants bags at an affordable price point. They donate 25 meals for each backpack sold.   

Vander Jacket worn by woman with a hat and her hand in the pocket

Attention runners: you’ve never seen anything like Vander Jacket. Each jacket is one-of-a-kind original, packed with runner-friendly features, and is made out of remnant material for the ultimate in sustainability. Hint: You don’t have to run to love these jackets! Made in USA.

Perfect gifts for pet owners:

FurZapper package of yellow and green products in clear package

For the pet owner, you can’t go wrong with a set or two of FurZappers. These reusable, non-toxic pet hair removers go from washer to dryer and lift fur off laundry like nothing else we’ve tried. $14.99 gets you a pair. Made in USA.

SodaPup Spacecraft red dog toy on white background

Your dogs can’t wait to get their paws on the fun and durable dog toys from Colorado-based SodaPup. These American-Made dog toys for power-chewers will keep your dog entertained for hours. From turkeys to tractors to trees, you’ll find many unique shapes. As a space geek, our dog gravitates toward the “Spotnik Dogs in Space” space ship. SodaPup also offers healthy dog treats. Made in USA.

Cat face looking at camera

Your cat will love the Ripple Rug, an ever-changing activity mat that keeps your feline occupied and active. Made out of recycled plastic bottles, the Ripple Rug doubles as a scratching post so your cat leaves your furniture alone. Made in USA.

Leashes by Liz on black dog licking his lips

Rounding out the pet category, we love the handmade products created by Leashes by Liz. Don’t let the name fool you, Liz also makes collars, harnesses, seat belts and paw wax. Our favorite is the multipurpose leash which is so versatile we didn’t know how much we needed all the features until we tried it. You can even get a reflective version for nighttime safety. Made in USA.

Wad-Free™ for Bed Sheets has a charitable shopping partnership with the American Brain Tumor Association. We’d like to give a shout out to some of our fellow ABTA charitable shopping partners:


coffee beans on white background arranged so they spell out the word coffee

Based in Seattle and owned by a career firefighter/paramedic, Blackwater Coffee roasts coffee to perfection in small batches and ships nationwide.

colorful Laura Bundesen word cloud brain print


Laura Bundesen creates art originals and prints stitching together art and neuroscience.

If you know any children undergoing an MRI, “The Donut That Roared! A child’s guide to surviving an MRI” by Joan Yordy Brasher with Jackson Grant is a great read.


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