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Wad-Free on Inventing During a Global Pandemic

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Patented Inventor Cyndi Bray holds her issued patent for Wad-Free

I am excited to announce that Wad-Free® for Bed Sheets – and all forthcoming products in the Wad-Free line – is now protected by a US Utility Patent! Yay!!! Obtaining a patent is not an easy process, but once issued announces to the world that a novel product has been invented. It also means that no one else can make a Wad-Free! Indeed, Wad-Free has made laundry history!

Bringing a product to market can be a challenge. In my case, I had no background in product development, but I was determined not to let that stop me from solving the age-old problem of wadded-up bed sheets! Once I figured out the physics behind why sheets were wadding in the first place, I taught myself how to do my own CAD drawings to design the solution. Then I had dozens of 3D prototypes made at the library which I tested on friends, family – and strangers – until I landed on a universally-loved product. I conducted copious research to gauge if there was a demand for a wad preventer, and the results were a resounding YES! I learned about injection molding and found a USA manufacturer just miles from my house, bringing jobs to my local community. I had a custom plastic compounded when there was nothing on the market that met my needs and high standards. I also designed my own logo, graphics, and packaging, and created my own website and videos during the stay-at-home order. I did this all – by myself – in 14 months from concept to my June 2020 pandemic launch!

Wad-Free for Bed Sheets quickly gained acceptance, and positive reviews flooded in from customers and the media alike. The crème de la crème was when The Good Housekeeping Institute tested Wad-Free in their Cleaning Lab; they called it "genius" in Good Housekeeping Magazine, and described how much Wad-Free impressed them! Every day I receive e-mails from customers describing how Wad-Free has changed their laundry lives, confirming what an important and revolutionary product it is! 

I have had to scale my business quickly – a challenge during these unprecedented times of labor and supply shortages – and I am grateful to all my suppliers for their willingness to work with me. The next product in the Wad-Free line has been delayed, but fear not – Wad-Free for Blankets & Duvet Covers will launch soon! 

When I reflect back on my journey and the numerous obstacles I overcame, I am sometimes in awe of all that I accomplished. At times I think wow, I really did all that??!!  (To which I answer myself yes, yes you did. Now get back to work!)

Running my company by myself would be lonely save for all the people I've met along the way. I would like to bring focus to some of my fellow female inventor/entrepreneurs walking a similar path with their products. I am thankful for the friendship and camaraderie I've developed them all!  

– Cyndi Bray, Inventor of Wad-Free


Ava's Pet Palace

I'm Ava, 14-year-old Founder and Chief Pet Officer of Ava's Pet Palace. I’ve always loved animals and had a passion for helping them. When I was just 6 years old I drew my first business plan. Two years later, after asking and asking, my parents finally decided to help me make my dreams come true with Ava's Pet Palace!

I started my business because I wanted to create a healthier world for our pets, planet and people. That's my purpose. I love pets, the same way they love us. That's why I make small batch pet treats with simple, organic and all-natural ingredients. To keep pets happy, healthy, and feeling great. My treats are nutritious and delicious. 

For me, healthy food has always been about organic and natural ingredients. I've been purposeful about this from the beginning. When I was baking treats in my kitchen, we only bought and used organic ingredients. Now that my business has grown, we work with bigger kitchens and they use only organic ingredients. And we've worked super hard to finally become USDA Certified Organic!

My business really took off last June thanks to a lot of kind people who shared it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I now have happy customers in all 50 states! With the help of my mom, who now works for Ava's Pet Palace full time, we ship hundreds of bags of treats each month.


I found a need that could not be met by any product on the market and as the cliche goes, "necessity is the mother of invention".  I created my first SpectaClip eyeglass storage solution out of a piece of wire hanger.  It has evolved significantly since inception and I have been granted both the Utility and Design Patents and the Trademark for SpectaClip.  It has not been an easy journey but to see my vision become a reality and so helpful to people globally is the ultimate gratification and worth the immense investment of passion, time, capital, hard work and even a few tears along the way.  As my tagline states- Respect Your Specs!  

Jo Dee Tribelhorn Owner


Negg Hard Boiled Egg Peeler

The Negg® Egg Peeler prototype was developed by Bonnie Tyler in a local library on a 3D printer.  Little did we know how many people were struggling with peeling hard-boiled eggs.  The obvious addition to our products was a deviled egg seasoning. We are proud to have everything made in the USA.

Negg® Trademark 5,142630;  Patent #9,968,211 

Negg Deviled Egg Seasonings – Classic, Cajun, Smoky Ham, and Curry

Teal Trunk Silicone Scrubber and Bottle Brush – hygienic reusable products you can love.
What began as her own unsanitary nuisance, has transformed into a global movement. Teal Trunk started with Kara Wilk's own pet peeve: she couldn’t take another day picking up a soggy sponge not knowing what it was used on last. As a female product developer/ inventor, Kara is excited about the path in front of her and looks forward to creating more products consumers will love to fill her trunk.

Tempus Hood

Sirena Rolfe invented Tempus Hood, an easy to use water-resistant nylon hood that simply attaches to the loop/hook in the collar of a coat or jacket. It also has a bungee cord to secure the hood around your face and crown! Finally, carrying around a clunky umbrella is a thing of the past!

Sirena received a patent for her invention in 2019. It was a long journey that started in 2014. She did all her own research and completed the provisional patent application on her own. She interviewed three IP attorneys to help submit her official patent application and had to defend my design twice. Sirena's website is

Toesty Sheets

Michele Wytas wants everyone to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. That’s why she created Toesty Sheets, made for comfort and convenience that have even her two teenage boys easily and quickly making their beds each day. Michele’s patent-pending top sheet design is the first flat sheet of its kind to feature an elastic-seamed bottom with clever corners that fit perfectly every time. This busy entrepreneur loves clever lifestyle hacks and avoiding chores.


Lisa Lane is the inventor of the Rinseroo, a patented slip-on shower attachment hose that simplifies a whole host of our least favorite household chores including shower cleaning and dog bathing.

Her ah-ha moment started in the bathroom at her Jersey shore home. She claims that she was standing in a tub, when she realized that her idea had mass-market appeal.

She launched the Rinseroo on her own website in 2020. Since then, her brand has become a top seller on Amazon making their “#1 New Release” list and it also sits atop their “most wished for” list. The Rinseroo has also become a popular with some of the top cleaning influencers on TikTok  which has really helped in her effort to help make Rinseroo a household name.


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