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Wad-Free® Product Launch!

Posted by Cyndi, The Founder on

I am so excited to launch my first product, the Wad-Free® for Bed Sheets! 

Long considered a Fact of Laundry™, wads have been wasting consumers' time, money, energy...and sanity...for years. Ironically, consumers with newer high-capacity, high-efficiency, Energy Star appliances have reported wads with even greater frequency and severity. As it turns out, 89% of people have wadding problems! 

I was fed up with my wads and tasked myself with coming up with a solution. I became obsessed with wads. My friends and family though I was joking. I figured out the physics behind the wad, and how to interrupt it. Developing a marketable product that would prevent wads became my life goal.  

I applied for an entrepreneur license of Solidworks® to be able to do my own CAD drawings and engineer my own products. This was rather unlikely because I do not have any background in engineering. I'll tell you what, Solidworks® is not a beginner's program, but with a little help from my kids, tutorials, and some YouTube® videos, I persisted.

Keeping my expenses down seemed prudent. I 3D printed prototypes at the library, and tested them extensively on friends and strangers. I made numerous iterations until I had a winning design.

Continuing the unstoppable I-am-woman-hear-me-roar theme, I filed two provisional patents that I wrote myself*. I designed my own logo and packaging. I built my own website. Making my own videos was not in the plan, but that's what happens during a pandemic stay-at-home order. I set up all aspects of the business myself. My dad was right, I can do anything I set my mind to!

Finding a manufacturer willing to take me seriously was a challenge, but I found one in Denver who believed in me and my product. The time lapse from the design concept to ordering my injection-mold tooling was less than five months.

Then I met delay after delay, including several related to Covid-19 which I won't bore you with. The important thing is I have finally launched, and Wad-Free® days are here at last!

The first edition of the Wad-Free® is special because 15% of proceeds will be donated to Covid-19 relief funds. Future editions will have the Wad-Free® logo and other information embossed on it, but I wanted to get the product out as quickly as possible. I figured all you guys out there wrestling with your wads wouldn't mind not having the logo for the time being.

Please enjoy your Wad-Free® and reach out to me with any feedback you have.

Be sure to post your #WadFreeHappyDance™ to Instagram!

Be well,


*I had an attorney file the full utility patent, because IP.

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