Wad Horror Stories

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I've spoken to a lot of people about their wads. Family, friends, and strangers...they all love talking about wads! It's as if the topic they have been silently dealing with for years has suddenly become validated. 

Here are some of the wad horror stories I heard:

One friend can't leave her house during the wash cycle knowing she will have to reset the washing machine after it inevitably goes off-balance.

Another friend described how she had such a massive tornado wad that she couldn't untangle it by herself.

Several people admitted they stick close by so that they can come back to the dryer every 20 minutes or so to shake out their wads.

Several people spoke to how they have tried dryer balls or tennis balls, but they don't really break up the wads; the dryer balls just make a lot of noise and ultimately get wound up into the wad.

A mother told me how her kids' bedtimes have been delayed as the sheets were discovered still in a wet state after their second go through the dryer. (Her over-tired children didn't respond well to waiting up for their sheets to dry.)

A gym friend told me how she sometimes leaves the whole load in the dryer for a day or two thinking it's dry...only to have to re-wash the entire thing because in fact it wasn't dry, and that funky mold smell had set in. 

A neighbor conveyed how she had to have a repair person out regarding the damage her washer wads caused by the machine going off-balance.

An apartment-dweller told me how he can't wash his sheets when his downstairs neighbors are home because of the racket it causes when the washer goes off-balance.

My dental hygienist spoke to how she dries one sheet at a time, otherwise they won't dry.

A lady at the park recounted how she had to have tile replaced in her laundry room because the washing machine broke it during it's walk across the room.

One respondent recounted how her wads were causing "marital discord" as the sheets she intended to put back on the bed were not dry, and the couple had to wait up for them.

A friend who has her housekeeper wash her linens discovered them folded and wet in the linen closet; apparently the dry cycle took too long and the housekeeper hastily stashed them away rather than waiting for them to dry.

A college student spoke to how he always washes his sheets twice because they never come clean in a roped washer wad. 

The good news is Wad-Free® for Bed Sheets solves all of these problems!

How have wads ruined your laundry day? Please feel free share below!

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  • I use wad free on my king size sheets and I love them! I just told all my girlfriends and they are buying them too!

    Tina Karol on

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